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Author of Resource: Sis. Muneerah
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Lesson Related Activity

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 2, Textbook 3, Textbook 4, Textbook 5Week 06-7 – Six Articles of FaithWeek 05 – Books from AllahWeek 04 – Angels and their duties
When should I use the activity in my Islamic Studies Class? Starter Activity in class
Time Resource will take: 10-15 minutes
What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

1. Print out the attached cards.
2. Cut the cards out and laminate for durability.

Describe the Resource:

This activity is called the domino game because it Is slightly similar to the original domino game, only that the dots are replaced with question and answers which students have to match up.

Students are to put the domino cards in the correct order:

1. There’s a card that says ‘Start’, this is the first card.
2. On the bottom of this card there is a question, ‘How many articles of faith are there?’
Students are to find the answer to this question on another card (the answer is written on the top of another card.)
4. This answer card must be lined up with the first card.
There is another question on the bottom of the second card, ‘what is the first article of faith?’
Students need to find the answer to this on the top of another card.
5. They continue this process until they have a line of cards in the correct order.

Students can do this in pairs or individually – on the discretion of the teacher. I have found that working in pairs gets them competitive and can be quite effective.

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