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Author of Resource: Sis. Uzma
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Lesson Related Activity

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 2Week 06 – Before Prophet Adam
When should I use the activity in my Islamic Studies Class? Main Activity in class
Time Resource will take: 40-60 minutes
What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

1. Print teacher board visuals and keywords
2. Print Activity sheet, Cut out page and Writing sheet for each child
3. Colouring pencils, scissors, glue, writing pencils

Describe the Resource:

To deliver the story in the chapter “Before Prophet Adam” using pictures and writing

1. Print out the attached sheets. One is for the teacher who narrates the story first using the visuals and keywords.

Students then complete the activity sheets:
2. They colour, cut, sequence and then stick story pictures on activity sheet
2. They then write the story using the key words provided.

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Review Date: 08-11-2017


Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahamtullah
Baraka Allah fiki sister amazing and creative work may Allah accept your deeds and efforts in spreading the knowledge of Islam
can you share with us more of these materials accordingly for all the prophets , which make the lesson interesting and at same time very interactive which will help me and make my lessons more interesting as I’m working a teacher at Islamic weekend school

Reviewer: Ameena