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Author of Resource: Jamil Muhammed
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Generic Activity/Games

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 4, Textbook 5, Textbook 6Week 18-19 – Model ṢalāhWeek 21 – Fard acts of salahWeek 17-18 – Salah drill

Time Resource will take: 20 minutes
What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

Bluetack, attached posters

Describe the Resource:

1. On all 4 corners of the class, stick the attached posters.
2. The students will be grouped into 4 groups
3. Teacher will show and demonstrate the Salah positions
4. The students in their group will be placed near a poster
5. Which ever poster they are next to, they will perfect the positon displayed on the poster

6. Groups will rotate from poster to poster every 2 mins
7. Groups will do 2 rounds of the positons

Filename : frm-ruku.pdf (53 KB)

Filename : frm-sajdah.pdf (50 KB)

Filename : frm-sitting.pdf (51 KB)

Filename : frm-standing.pdf (70 KB)

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