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Author of Resource: Sis. Sajida
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Lesson Related Activity

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 3Week 08 – Life after Death
When should I use the activity in my Islamic Studies Class? Main Activity in class
Time Resource will take: 25 minutes
What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

Prep before lesson:

On a whiteboard, create a timeline of events using the headings provided which are also used in the book. (The gathering, book of deeds and questionning all coming under the day of judgemnt bracket). Put bluetack on each of the cards.

Describe the Resource:

This board activity was first done with handwritten resources. This resource provides key words and phrases around the topic of life after death.

These cards can be put in a bag and allow students to pick a random one each. When a card is picked, discuss where it may go and stick it in its position, explaining the relevance of each.

Filename : frm-life-after-death.pdf (373 KB)

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