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Author of Resource: Jamil Muhammed
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Generic Activity/Games

Subject: Arabic

Time Resource will take: 25 minutes
What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

Scissors, bluetack, ball and 2 posts for goals

Describe the Resource:

The aim of the game is to make translating words fun and competitive.

1. All the Arabic cards will be cut out and stuck folded on the board. The card will be folded so the Arabic word is hidden.

2.You will need a ball.

3. Its a two part game, to score a point. First the students will be grouped to make teams.

4. Second, a member of each group will come and attempt to score the ball by rolling the ball through the goal posts (which will be very small to avoid making it to easy).

4. If they score the ball they will be able to attempt to transalte a word off the board, because the words are hidden they will not be able to prepare a translation but pick at random and think on the spot.

5. If they answer correctly, the group gains one point and the card which they answered will be removed from the board, also if they answer incorrectly then its 0 points.

6. Game will end when all the cards have been removed from the board.

7. Winning team will recive a merit each.

Filename : frm-game-in-arabic.pdf (173 KB)

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