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Author of Resource: AbdulHayy Salloo
Institute: Masjid Al-Farouq Walsall & As-Suffa Institute, Birmingham (Shaykh Zahir Mahmood)
Resource Type: Revision
3rd Party Credits: Ml. Obaidullah Salloo, Walsall.
Subject: Learn to ReadTajwid

Describe the Resource:

This colourful double sided pdf is for the teacher as well as the students to use as a quick reference.

Can be shrunk to size, and be made as a bookmark in the students Mushaf/Qa’idah.

It has a concise explanation and similar sounding English examples of how to pronounce each letter in the Arabic Alphabet.

It also has sufficient rules, which, once learned, would eradicate the most common mistakes people make when reciting.

It has the Noon Saakin, Meem Saakin rules, Qalqalah, Full/empty mouth rules, and ‘waqf’ (stopping) rules.

All of this in just 2 sides of a paper, which i’d advise teachers to laminate for their students, and maybe a blown up version, (A3) stuck onto the classroom wall

I pray this will inshaAllah aid the teachers and students i.A

Filename : frm-makhaarij-telegram.pdf (468 KB)

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Review Date: 10-11-2017


Excellent resource masha’Allah. Can be used for short revision sessions (5-10 minutes) at the beginning of each Qur’an lesson.

Reviewer: Faiza