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Author of Resource: Sis. Nurana
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Revision

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 7

Time Resource will take: 45 minutes
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1. Cut out the bookmark using scissors
2. Colour in the title of the subject
3. Summarise the key points of this topic on the bookmark.
4. Mount on card to make it more stiff.

Decorate the bookmark too on the other side or use the other side for further revision notes! Make it useful and unique!

This will serve as a revision resource for you.

And you can use this as
– A divider for your notes on this topic OR
– As a bookmark for this topic in your GK book

Look at your partners revision bookmark and swap. Give each other a grade out of 10. A mark /5 for the quality of their revision notes and a mark /5 for their creativity and originality. Then give feedback to each other.

marriage of musa
Filename : frm-marriage-of-musa.pdf (858 KB)

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