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Author of Resource: Sis. Nurana
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Revision

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 7

Time Resource will take: 45 minutes
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Post it notes

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An excellent revision resource.

1. The class is split into two or three even groups (depending on class size)
2. Each group has a set of post it notes (green and red)
3. The teacher will fire out questions and each group has 60 seconds to discuss and write ONE answer on the post it note.
4. Each group then holds up their answer after 60s. If correct, one team member comes to the front and tries to score with their team ball into the hoop, from a set distance. Buy a small ball for each group and a hoop to stick to the wall.
5. The questions are divided into 2 categories (easy and hard). Easy Qs are answered on the green paper and hard on the red. The teacher will alternate these questions.
6. Scoring system attached! Scores are tallied on the board by the teacher.
7. The team with the most points wins!

golden age of islam
Filename : frm-golden-age-of-islam.pdf (396 KB)

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