Safar Islamic Studies Exam Papers

Safar Publications has created a set of exam papers for the Safar Learn about Islam series. These papers are available FREE for anyone who wants to benefit from them. All you need to do is register your interest below and the exam packs will be emailed to you in PDF format.

The exam papers comprise of:

  • Book 2 – 7 exams
  • Mark Schemes
  • Exam Guidance Document

The exam papers have been written by Safar’s Lead Examiner, who is a qualified teacher who writes papers for AQA examining body. This has helped ensure best practices such as age appropriateness and differentiated questioning. The exam papers have also been reviewed by the Teachers at Safar Academy.

You may also find Safar’s Teacher’s Toolbox useful, which has resources to support the Safar syllabus (Learn about Islam, Learn by Heart & Learn to Read series), created by teachers for other teachers.

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We hope you find the papers useful, and welcome your feedback to help us improve this service insha’Allah.

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