Type of activity 

This can be used as a starter or as a main activity.


The diamond has 9 statements related to Salah. Students have to read, discuss and then order them in order of importance. There isn’t necessarily a correct order but students can debate and discuss then order the statements. Teachers can print out copies for students to cut, order and stick into exercise books. The Powerpoint can be used by the teacher for class discussions or for presentations by students. The Powerpoint also has a timer that can be used to time the activity.

Learn more about Diamond 9 activity here: Diamond 9

Student details

  • 6+ – can be used for multiple years
  • Year 3-6 – any lesson on importance of Salah


Should take a maximum of 15 mins. If you add presentations and class discussions, it can take longer

Resources required

  • Laptop, projector and screen – if using Powerpoint. Alternatively, print the diamond statements onto paper and ask students to cut, discuss, arrange on tables before sticking or copying into books.

Further uses/extended use

You can also ask students to create their own diamond 9 sheets

Included in download

‘Importance of Salah – Diamond 9’ Powerpoint slides with a 1-minute timer slide at the beginning. Play the powerpoint to activate the timer.


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