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Author of Resource: Br Amjad
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Generic Activity/Games

Subject: Duas & Surahs, General, Islamic Studies, Learn to ReadQuranyear 8, year 9

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This resource should be used to encourage students to take responsibility of their own Salah, Dhikr, Duas and other actions that will help develop their spirituality. The idea is for students to track their own progress, identify their weaknesses and develop a sense of responsibility towards their own actions.

Each side covers a month, so a double sided print our will cover two months.

Depending on the level of the students and their varying abilities, teachers should set specific amounts under each category listed that suites their students. It is crucial that small, achievable, and realistic targets are set. Setting too many targets or unrealistic targets will be counter productive and can potentially demoralise. Not all points on the list will be relevant for all students, and some points may be emphasised more during holidays or Ramdhan.

Example of some targets:
* Quran
– All students should read a minimum of 2 side a day
– Most students should read 5 sides a day
– Some will read 10 sides a day

– All students must pray their Fard Prayers (if they miss any they must do Qadha)
– Most should perform their Sunan Mu’akkadah
– Some will pray their nawafil

As for morning and evening adhkar and other duas, they should implement what they memorise in their Safar Dua books and then build upon those duas.

Teachers should check the students checklists every two or so and discuss their progress and help encourage them to improve. We should avoid criticising their problems and help trouble shoot any obstacles they may be having.

This resource can also be used by staff members and teachers themselves to help track their own a’maal.

Filename : frm-daily-checklist.pdf (464 KB)

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