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Author of Resource: Sis. Fahmida
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Generic Activity/Games
3rd Party Credits: Ustadha Amina Sultana
Subject: Learn to ReadQuran, Tajwid

Time Resource will take: 10-15 minutes
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Prior preparation: Printing, cutting, laminating (optional)

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Sifaat refers to the characteristics of a letter. But why do we need sifaat if we already know the origins of the letters (Makhraj)?

Makhraj only provides information as to where the sound of the letter comes from, whereas sifaat provides extra information about its characteristics in order to produce the correct sound.

*Please note: Reciting the Qur’an correctly is Fard Ayn- obligatory upon every Muslim even if one does not know the theoretical aspects of tajweed. This resource should only be used once students have reached an advanced level of tajweed in terms of their recitation rather than their knowledge of theory.

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Review Date: 21-06-2019


Thank you so much for this resource. I used it recently with my students. I made a blank copy and they placed the cut squares accordingly. They loved it. May Allah reward you.

Reviewer: Lita


Review Date: 21-07-2021


Assalamualaikum dear sister Fahmida,

Very good notes on Letters without opposites. Do you mind e-mailing me letters with opposites please?
My e-mail is [email protected] Looking forward to receive your feedback on that.

Jazakillahu khayr. Eid mubarak!

Nuraini Abd Rahman

Reviewer: Nuraini Abd Rahman