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Author of Resource: Seena Hussain
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Lesson Related Activity

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 4Week 12-13 – Model Wudu
When should I use the activity in my Islamic Studies Class? Extend Activity in class
Time Resource will take: 10 minutes including explanation
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Cut out and label flashcards. After the cards have been cut out, students can volunteer to pick a card at random and act out the picture for the rest of the class whom have to guess what the depiction is!

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Review Date: 24-05-2021


A good activity mashaa AllahThe laughing out loud can be used for both laughing in Salah and going mad so that’s good because there are 7 breakers we teach. Also I would have liked them to be not coloured so the children could colour it themselves as part of the activity.

Reviewer: Aalimah Anneisha