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Author of Resource: Sis. Jhahida
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Generic Activity/Games

Subject: General, Islamic StudiesTextbook 2, Textbook 3, Textbook 4, Textbook 5, Textbook 6Week 08 – DeedsWeek 13 – Why do Muslims perform SalahWeek 16 – Virtues of ActionsWeek 25 – Making Salah part of lifeWeek 26-27 – Concentration in Salah

Time Resource will take: 5 minutes
What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

Print the sheets and fill in the number of times the words of dhikr should be recited.

Ensure students write their names on the sheet.

Describe the Resource:

Help your students feed their souls!

Give each of your students this chart to tick over an entire week.

There are 13 boxes that they can tick in total and this includes salah, making du’a, helping parents, reciting Qur’an, and doing dhikr throughout the day.

For the ‘special dhikr times’ students should be given some quiet time during the lesson to contemplate on the times in the day when they would realistically be able to do the dhikr or (for older students) times when they feel they should do it.

You may choose for your class an appropriate number of times that they should recite the words of dhikr each time five times a day.

For year 4 an appropriate number is 20 so that by the end of the day they have recited each 100 times.

For year 4 the target is to get 10 ticks and ensure it is signed by a parent/carer. This earns students a teacher’s stamp and at the end of the week the stamps are counted and merits are awarded for each stamp received.

The number of merits and stamps can be altered for your specific class.

Filename : frm-soul-nutrition-chart.pdf (33 KB)

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