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Author of Resource: Sis. Sajida
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Lesson Plan, Lesson Related Activity

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 3Week 27 – Halal & haram foods
When should I use the activity in my Islamic Studies Class? Main Activity in class

What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

Scissors, possibly glue if sticking the pictures into two columns on sugar paper.

Describe the Resource:

This resource contains a powerpoint with notes for the teacher that should cover the whole lesson. It also contains activities within the slides.

Activity 1: Document contains pictures and sentences describing food; this should be cut up and handed to students to sort into the categories, halal and haram. Can be printed one each, or one between two or can be done as a whole class sorting activity.

Another way to do this which incorporates active learning, is the teacher can ask all the students to stand in a straight line in the middle of the class.
When the teacher holds up a picture of a halal food they walk to the right and haram they walk to the left. Last one on each round must sit down.

Activity 2: Students must identify whether the product is halal or haram and should justify their answer by correctly identifying the ingredient that may make a product haram.

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Review Date: 18-01-2023


Good and meat

Reviewer: Maisa


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