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Author of Resource: Hashim
Institute: Safar Academy
Resource Type: Generic Activity/Games

Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 2, Textbook 3, Textbook 4, Textbook 5, Textbook 6, Textbook 7, year 8, year 9General textbook 2General Textbook 3General Textbook 4General Textbook 5General Textbook 6

Time Resource will take: 10-15 minutes (It’s up to you)
What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

Presentation software (Microsoft PowerPoint or OpenOffice which is free! (https://www.openoffice.org/)
Project or display screen.
Imagination! Come up with catchphrases and appropriate pictures.
If you do not have the above resources, you can make your own physical one: create a picture or a phrase than cover it with little tiles or post-it notes, which you can remove to reveal the the hidden picture or phrase.

Describe the Resource:

An adaptation of the popular TV gameshow, ‘Catchphrase’, in which pictures are obscured with a grid of blank blocks.

Students answer questions and the correct answer will remove one blank block revealing a part of the picture underneath. They are then given 30 seconds (only have 1 guess) to identify what famous or well known catchphrase the obscured picture is depicting. (For younger students the use of actual phrases does not need to be adhered to).

If they guess correctly then all the blank blocks are removed to reveal the entire picture. If the answer is incorrect the teacher goes back to asking the students another question they have to answer.

On TV the contestants use a buzzer to indicate they have the answer (and whoever buzzes first gets to give his answer) but in the classrooms students can stick to raising their hand the fastest.

The catchphrase and picture chosen to depict it can be adapted to the specific lesson being taught. E.g. picture of the Ka’bah for Yr 2 Pillars of Islam.

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