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Author of Resource: Moulana Hamid
Institute: Fatimah Elizabeth Cates Academy
Resource Type: Generic Activity/Games
3rd Party Credits: Fatimah Elizabeth Cates Academy: [email protected]
Subject: Islamic StudiesTextbook 5, Textbook 6, Textbook 7Week 27 – Good character & sinsWeek 07 – Obedience to Allah and His Messenger

Time Resource will take: 10-15 minutes
What equipment or Preparation do I need for the activity?

Print out the diamond 9 ahadith and cut-them out for individual or group activities. You can also laminate them for durabiity and to protect the resource for future use.

Describe the Resource:

This is a Diamond 9 activity that contains aḥādīth related to beliefs, social actions, rights, and the importance of Qurʿān and Sunnah (the prophetic legacy).

You can hold discussions on specific topics and then ask students to prioritise the hadith that are significant to the topic/statement or question.

What is a Diamond 9 Activity?

A Diamond 9 Diagram helps to prioritise and categorise key factors and statements and rank them in order of importance or relevance. The most important factors are placed towards the top of the “diamond 9 “. The least important factors are placed towards the bottom. Factors of equal importance are placed in the same row. It is used to discuss, debate and then prioritise statements and points according to the thoughts of the students. It is a great way to hold discussions and to generate different ways to prioritise. After students rank the statements, the best bit is you can get into debates and discussions as to why they ranked the statements in a certain order; if two students disagree, it can be the start of a great discussion!

For example, I often use this as a starter activity and ask the following example questions:

1) On the topic of racism, what hadiths are related to this topic – order in terms of importance to you?

2) A person is very particular about their ibādah however, people often find them rude and they rarely think about their behaviour towards others. Order the hadith according to the most relevant in thinking about how they can improve themselves.

Once students get the hang of it, they can come in straight away get to work – I’ll have questions on the board and the diamond 9 statements ready on their desks or benches and they begin straightaway without even needing instructions.

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